Panasonic KX-NT700

Product Details

    1. Item Technical specifications
      Analogue Line
      I/F connector RJ11 x 1
      Dialling Dial Pulse (DP)
      Tone (DTMF)
      I/F connector RJ45 x 1
      Transceiver type 10/100Base-T, Auto MDI/MDX
      General purpose
      USB Interface USB2.0 (Low/Full speed) Device Function x 1, USB Audio
      SD slot 1
      Audio Line In/Out ø3.5mm mini-jack x 1
      I/F connector RJ9 x 2
      Interface 4 Wire (Power, GND,
      MIC-Mute, MIC-Signal-Input)
      Audio Interface Loudspeaker 1

      Speaker volume

      8 steps

      Range of frequency

      300Hz - 7000Hz


      Internal microphone 2 element microphone arrays x 4 corners

      Microphone coverage

      Radius of 3m

      Range of frequency

      300Hz - 7000Hz

      S/N Ratio

      Above 58dB at 1kHz
      Display LCD Resolution 103 x 48 Full dot
      LCD Back light Yes (white)
      LCD contrast Yes (6-level)
      Status Indicator LED 4 (dual-colored LED red & blue)
      Keypad Function key F1, F2, F3
      Volume (scroll) key UP, DOWN
      Dial key 0- 9,*,#
      Other key SP-Phone, Flash, Redial / Pause, Mute / Clear,
      Exit, Menu, Set, Mic Noise cut*1
      Chassis Dimensions (W x H x D) 275mm x 55mm x 275mm
      Weight 1300g
      Power supply AC Adapter PQ LV206 Input : AC120 V60HZ
      PQ LV206AL Input : AC220V-240V 50HZ/60HZ
      PQ LV216 Input : AC220V-240V 50HZ/60HZ
      Output : DC9V 750mA