Product Details

    1. Free P2P Cloud EaZy Networking

      * Cloud EaZy Networking available to connect this device to Internet automatically in three steps with our free mobile app, EagleEyes.

      * The “Buddy” feature to share the device access permission to other people.

      * Device login / out notifications reported

      Push Video & Push Status – Active Event Notification with EagleEyes App

      * Push Video to send instant notifications for an alarm event when an alarm device is connected to the DVR.

      * Push Status to send instant notifications for system events, such as video loss or HDD data removal.

      Intelligent Video Analysis

      * IVS (Intelligent Video System) supported to set a virtual detection line for people counting, virtual fence, and one-way pass. It’s the advanced usage for motion detection to not only record but also summarize the detection data for further analysis.

      Quadbrid Video Input

      * Supports 8 channels of IP / TVI / Analog HD / 960H video input + one more channel of IP video input

      * Up to 1080P recording for analog cameras

      * Up to 5MP recording for IP cameras

      Spot Monitor

      * In addition to the main display via the HDMI output, you can assign a secondary display to show live view, call monitor or event monitor.

      Video Backup

      * Regular backup could be configured to automatically copy video footages to the specified location (USB drive or FTP) at the specified time.

      Remote Surveillance

      * Fully compatible with iOS and Android devices, and Internet Explorer on Windows operating system

      * CMS Lite for 32 devices central management

      * Applicable also to Apple’s media player, QuickTime.