Hundure RAC-960 Fingerprint

Product Details


      • Bell key function design. Suit for various location.
      • Casing tamper proof detection and door tamper alarm.
      • Slim, stylish design, sensitive touch keypad with blue backlight.
      • Dual card / fingerprint contrast function, improve system security.
      • High security, using encryption with random code to saving finger characteristic.
      • Large LCD display time, date, weekday and company name. And show cardholder Chinese / English name or card number after verification.
      • The standard model can access 950 users with 2 fingerprint templates per each user (total 1,900 fingerprint templates ). The storage event record is up to 100,000 events.
      • The advanced model can access 4,750 users with 2 fingerprint templates per each user (total 9,500 fingerprint templates).
      • Quick and accurate fingerprint verification, supports 1:1 authentication & 1:N identification. And audible voice prompts guiding users during verification process.
      • Provide 32 working shifts and 32 siren schedules. Able display current shift or active alarm. Provide 100 holiday schedules per year.
      • Provide 128 time zones and time schedules, 8 time conditional unlock door schedules (per week).
      • Duress card/code setting. When door opened in the emergency, controller will send signal to control center at the same time for tracing and rescue.
      • Programmable disarm code.
      • Unique ID or Block read format supported and programmable key value. (RAC-960PMF V2.0)
      • RTC ensures to provide correct date and time. Watchdog function secures system free from halting.
      • Built-in RS-485 & TCP/IP communication interface to PC.
      • On-board lithium battery ensures data storage can reach up to 1 year upon power outage.
      • Conforms to ISO 14443A standard; supporting Mifare card. (RAC-960PMF V2.0)