TI-1206S TI-2406S

Product Details

        1. 4 channel Mic. inputs, 2 channel line inputs, separated treble and bass control.
        2. 6-channel zone output, zone volume is independently controlled.
        3. Built-in bell, the bell tone is optional, 4 tones and 2 tones (built-in), the alarm generator.
        4. MP3 decoder module supports USB / SD / Bluetooth / FM radio playback. Configuring MP3 remote control, support memory function without power input, MIC recording function.
        5. When start the built-in generator, the background will turn off and 6-channel zone output will automatically turn on, switch to maximum output volume function.
        6. Built-in 24V DC power input
        7. MIC1- 4 built-in 48V phantom power and independent control switch
        8. T-216 remote microphone can remote control zone output, the maximum cascade 6pcs Mic.
        9. The audio input with separate control, tone control and master volume control
        10. A variety of LED display (signal, clip, protection LED indicator)
        11. There are five priority levels: EMC with top priority: When there is EMC alarm signal input, it overrides all audio, 6 zone outputs open automatically.