ZKTeco SC405

Product Details

        1. * 2.0-inch color display with graphical UI for easy operation
        2. * Up to 24 user-defined schedules that can be activated on a daily bell alert
        3. * Prompt audio acceptance or rejection signals for valid or invalid cards
        4. * TCP/IP or RS485 communication for various networking environments
        5. * Supports USB flash drive for offline data management
        6. * Built-in auxiliary input with enhanced flexibility to link with wired detector or emergency switch
        7. * Multi-verification methods to enhance security level
        8. * Standard access control features such as Time zone, Holiday, A&C Group, Unlock combination etc.
        9. * Duress Alarm offers effective protection against duress by threats
        10. * Tamper Proof Switch and multiple alarm outputs
        11. * Multi-languages